As part of our ongoing TECHTalk series of remote-learning seminars, we hosted a FREE live online introduction to VisionLink on Friday, May 1. Watch the recorded seesion and learn how to:

  • Understand and improve asset utilization and productivity
  • Reduce fuel cost and theft
  • Monitor and improve equipment operations
  • Employ predictive maintenance
  • Mitigate equipment theft
  • Make more effective decisions!


Session with Joe Cejka

Joe Cejka is Peterson’s Product Link Administrator. Joe has 22 years of experience with the Caterpillar product, and a background as a construction technician, shop supervisor, and Standard Jobs Coordinator. He provides support and training for Cat Connect, Product Link, VisionLink and standard jobs.


Would you like to know more? Contact Joe Cejka at 503-488-1266 or

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