As part of our ongoing TECHTalk series of remote-learning seminars, we hosted a FREE live online electronic troubleshooting training on Friday, May 22. Watch the recorded session for FREE!

Learn how to troubleshoot dash 3 and 4 codes voltages on active sensors or switches on Cat machines. This procedure is industry standard and applies to virtually all machines.

  • Troubleshooting electronic issues
  • Dash 3 and 4 codes
  • Active sensors or switches
  • Avoid chasing down wire harnesses


Session with Joe Rinas

About our Presenter:

Joe Rinas has attained Regional Instructor Certification from Caterpillar and has been a technical trainer at Peterson for four years. He has over 30 years of industry experience as a shop technician, field technician and instructor. He instructs Peterson technicians and customers in machine and engine repair.


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