As part of our ongoing TECHTalk series of remote-learning seminars, we hosted a FREE live online instruction on properly torquing critical machine fasteners on Friday, May 15. Watch the recorded session for FREE!

  • Torque wrench testing ensures that the selected torque will match the torque specification.
  • Tips for torque wrench operation for the best outcome.
  • Effects of lubricants on the clamping force applied and the effect on the fasteners.
  • The effects of torque turn procedures and today’s fasteners.
  • The takeaway is a better repair every time!

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Session with Matt Torrence

Matt Torrence is a certified Caterpillar and International Factory Certified Instructor with 40 years of experience. He teaches the Navistar Instructor Lead Courses and the Caterpillar Engine Courses at Peterson University. Some of the courses he currently teaches are International HVAC, CV Introduction, A26 & N13 Engine Repair and Troubleshooting, and International Diamond Logic Builder Diagnostics and Programming. He teaches the Caterpillar Performance Diagnostics Course and serves as a Technical Communicator.


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